LeftRight Repeat Interviews FDU MFA Alum Eric Paul

LeftRight Repeat Interviews FDU MFA Alum Eric Paul

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LeftRight Repeat interviewed Fairleigh Dickinson University MFA alum Eric Paul. They describe Eric as “a multi-talented writer and musician.” We couldn’t agree more. Here’s a taste of the interview:

EAGERTONGUE: You’re known for your energy on stage. How do you channel that into your spoken word performances?

EP:  I’m uncertain why, but they are rather different experiences for me. Performing with the band is both cerebral and physical. Whereas reading my work in public is just cerebral.  The readings are more of the intellectual aspects of what I experience as opposed to performing with the band — those are more visceral.

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Eric Paul is a writer and musician from Providence, Rhode Island.  He has been the lyricist and vocalist for the bands Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars as well as his current band, Doomsday Student. Eric has released two full-length volumes of poetry and lyrics: I Offered Myself As The Sea and A Popular Place To Explode. Both releases offered by Wesley Eisold’s Heartworm Press. In addition, Eric has released two chapbooks: Love In The Monkey Cage and My Parents Were Insects, and two spoken word releases: I Sleep With Their Bones (Bathetic Records) + The Man Who Can’t Say No (Heartworm Press). Eric holds a BFA in Philosophy from Rhode Island College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  His work has also appeared in such places as: New York Observer, Impose Magazine, Ninth Letter, The Volta, Word Riot, Lunch Ticket, Spork, Booth and The Literary Review.

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