Out in New Jersey Reviews FDU MFA Alum JR Pinto’s Wolf Mountain

Out in New Jersey Reviews FDU MFA Alum JR Pinto’s Wolf Mountain

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WolfMountainSmRead Out in New Jersey‘s review of FDU MFA alum JR Pinto’s novel, Wolf Mountain: A Werewolf Novel of Haiti. 


A synopsis of Wolf Mountain:

In the tent cities of Haiti, beneath the light of the full moon, a howl cuts through the night. Something ancient has come down from the mountains…to feed. Back in New Jersey, ASHER GREENE spots an item in the paper about werewolf attacks in Haiti. In a desperate effort to jumpstart his career in journalism – and his life – he flies to Port-au-Prince on his own dime to cover the story. Fate throws him into Haiti just as “Baby Doc” Duvalier is returning from exile, giving Greene the scoop of his lifetime.
His success in Haiti now assured, Asher Greene pursues the werewolf story with the help of COCO BERNARD, his Haitian-American guide and translator. He expects to write a simple story on native superstitions. Instead, the killings continue. Bodies are ripped apart by the light of the full moon. They follow a trail that leads to the chimeres – the deadly Haitian gangs freed by the earthquake. And, behind it all, the legend of the jé-rouge – the Haitian werewolf. Greene pursues the story to disprove the legend but is instead led into a world of sorcery and the occult.


JR Pinto began his career as a filmmaker. After receiving a degree in Philosophy and Creative Writing from George Washington University, he wrote and directed the feature film, When I’m Thirty-Five, which was screened at the Director’s Guild of America as part of the OUTFEST series. He then spent several unremarkable years in Los Angeles working in the television industry before returning east to get his MFA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. An inveterate traveler, he now teaches Travel Writing at FDU, which also colors his fiction. Wolf Mountain is his first published novel.

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