Red Fez Publishes MFA Alum Jenna Tripke’s Poem

Red Fez Publishes MFA Alum Jenna Tripke’s Poem

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Red Fez publishes Fairleigh Dickinson University Creative Writing MFA alum Jenna Tripke’s poem, “1974.” This poem was a part of her MFA thesis. Congratulations, Jenna!
Jennna writes:

On dry ground we settled,
took turns resuscitating
the bottle, giddy as we waited for the sun

…read more at Red Fez.

Jenna Tripke lives, writes and dodges jury duty in Philadelphia. She has an MFA degree, and the student loan bills to prove it. Lives for: hot peppers, handicapped animals, Tupac, horror films (bonus points if it’s holiday-themed). Could do without: Mollusks, EDM, rabbit-shaped food. Twitter: @uneedjenna.

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