MFA Alum Heather Lang on Poetry, Silent Film, & Pinhole Photography at Berfrois

MFA Alum Heather Lang on Poetry, Silent Film, & Pinhole Photography at Berfrois

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In an essay-style book review at Berfrois, MFA alum Heather Lang contemplates “American Aristocracy (1916)” of Gregory Robinson’s All Movies Love the Moon (Rose Metal Press, 2014). In “The Cobalt and Citrine of B&W Film: Poetry, Silent Film and Pinhole Photography,” Heather notes that “Robinson whispers about individual silent films in a precious poetic voice, yet he’s all but saccharine.” On the craft of the collection, Heather continues:

In the context of a poem about a silent movie, the attention to visual sound is noteworthy; there’s a sort of pictorial alliteration. While the words “cobalt and citrine” don’t begin with the same sounds, they do both begin with the same letter, ‘c.’

All Movies Love the Moon


On the topic of visual alliteration, Heather continues:

As the audience, we are left to some mystery, to some imagination, to something exquisite but not quite tangible. We are invited in and welcomed to participate. In many ways, this reminds me of love.


heather writes

Heather unpacks the implied narratives of pinhole photography, the stillness of the silent movie, and much more.

Read more at Berfrois.


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