Petite Hound Press Celebrates with a Lookbook

Petite Hound Press Celebrates with a Lookbook


In addition to their art-quality paper & canvas prints, MFA alum Letisia Cruz and Heather Lang’s Petite Hound Press: a port for poetry & art is celebrating year one with a handstamped and handbound year-one lookbook.

Among the contributors are FDU MFA faculty H. L. Hix and Renée Ashley as well as MFA alum Dan Stockman and Tazio Ruffilo. MFA student Amanda Isabel Ramirez served as copyeditor.

Read more about the lookbook at Petite Hound Press.


FAQ: Why a port for both poetry & art?

While Petite Hound Press is not primarily interested in any one style of poetry, prose, or visual art, their editorial mission is inspired by the collaborative efforts of the French surrealists, their strong sense of the image, and their tendencies to juxtapose. It is their mission to never pair a written work with visual art in some obvious or heavy-handed way, but rather we strive to create something new through the pairing.


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