Golblin Reservation Interviews FDU MFA Alum Eric Paul

Golblin Reservation Interviews FDU MFA Alum Eric Paul

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Among other questions about life, literature, and love, Golblin Reservation asks Eric Paul, “How has being a father changed anything for you?” Paul responds:

So far, the biggest change is in my ability to experience emotions unlike I ever have before. It is difficult to explain, it is almost as if somebody built an addition onto my heart, a second floor full of rooms available for filling with more emotions.

Read more of this interview — and poetry by Eric Paul, too — at Goblin Reservation.
Eric Paul is a writer and musician from Providence, Rhode Island. Recently out, A Popular Place To Explode (Heartworm Press, 2015) is Eric’s second full-length collection. He has been the lyricist and vocalist for the bands Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars as well as his current band, Doomsday Student. In 2009 a collection of Eric’s lyrics and poetry was released by Heartworm Press titled I Offered Myself As The Sea. Since then, he has released two chapbooks: Love In The Monkey Cage and My Parents Were Insects, and two spoken word releases: I Sleep With Their Bones (Bathetic Records) + The Man Who Can’t Say No (Heartworm Press). Eric’s work has also appeared in the magazines: New York Observer, Impose, Ninth Letter, Word Riot, Lunch Ticket, Spork, Booth, and The Literary Review.

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