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Books by Faculty in the Low-Residency MFA program in creative writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Rene Steinke, Low-Residency David Grand, Mount Terminus, Jeffery Allen, Holding Pattern, H. L. Hix, Kathleen Graber, The Eternal City, Rebecca Chace, Leaving Rock Harbor, Thomas E. Kennedy, Kerrigan in Copenhagen



Eliot Schrefer


Thomas E. Kennedy

Beneath the Neon Egg

Ellen Akins

Home Movie

Minna Proctor

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Susan Bernofsky

In Translation

Rene Steinke


David Daniel

Seven-Star Bird

Rebecca Chace

Leaving Rock Harbor

Walter Cummins


Kathleen Graber

The Eternal City

Coe Booth


H. L. Hix

As Much As, If Not More Than


Donna Freitas

Gold Medal Winter


Jeffery Renard Allen

Song of the Shank

Renee Ashley

Because I Am the Shore, I Want to Be the Sea

David Grand

Mount Terminus